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What must you as a leader and as individuals in general do to create
a more effective company that produces outstanding results that are sustainable?

You cannot put a band aid on a bullet hole and expect it to be effective. So it is in business today: the simple quick fixes of the past will not support your company during these turbulent economic times in a competitive global marketplace. You need a different perspective and approach that take a holistic and systemic view of your entire company — not each piece in isolation — if you expect to thrive.

At Embracing Freedom Inc. (TM), our Leadership and Management Development Series create a context and framework for the journey you and your employees need to take to keep your company moving forward. From staff members who desire to move into management to managers who need to become autonomous effective leaders — your employees deserve the type of support that will drive your company’s profitability and productivity.

We design our programs to work at every level of management, from entry level to senior executive level. The mechanism through which we design and deliver these programs is based upon an extensive interview process with the appropriate company leader. A sampling of some of our most requested programs include:


  • Executive Coaching
  • The Essence of Leadership
  • Powerful Qualities of Winners
  • Discover Your Joy Within
  • Facilitating Organizational Change: A Holistic Approach
  • The S-Factor in Change: A Leader’s Choice
  • The 21st Century Executive
  • Keeping the Dream Alive and Establish Your Legacy


  • Diversity and Its Impact on Employee Productivity and Organizational Profitability
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life
  • Negotiating for Optimal Results
  • Building a Successful Network
  • Human Resources’ Role in Managing Change
  • Career Transitioning and/or Transformation


  • Goal Setting and Life Planning
  • Fundamentals to Career Growth and Development
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Strategic Planning
  • Winning Through Customer Service
  • Effective Communication – A Key to Your Success


  • Upward Mobility in the Workplace for Diverse Groups
  • The Accidental Entrepreneur
  • Leveraging Your Competitive Advantage as an Entrepreneur
  • The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp

We also customize our programs to meet your company’s specific and unique needs.

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