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Leadership Success and you (Free Radio Show Download )

 Join host Dr. Ulwyn and my guest Linda Brewer, Destiny Architect, LSG Incorporated, who will help you understand that the heart of the matter of every part of your life is relationships. Learn how to become very aware of your thoughts, feelings, language, actions, and outcomes so that they are profitable and prosperous for all. Linda’s entrepreneurial career has included Business Management, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, and Facilitation for Organizational and Personal Growth. She is a former chair for Vistage International. She has created two successful start-up companies, including her own company, LSG Advertising, Inc., and Crowns Now. Discover how to move through your fears and addictions into honor and truth that create a commitment for accountability, responsibility, and what is 100% under your control. For more information on Leadership, get Dr. Ulwyn’s special report
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