Embracing Freedom, Inc. provides services and products to the following industries in the USA and internationally.

They include:

    • Financial – Strategic Planning, Interactive Workshops, Organizational Change, Corporate Restructuring, Human Resource Management and Optimization, Contingency Planning, Problem Solving and Strategic Decision-Making
    • Utilities – Workforce Planning and Optimization, Leadership Development, Restructuring, Organizational Effectiveness
    • Insurance – Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation, Human Resource Framework and Infrastructure, Organizational Change and Development, High-Performance Work Systems

    • Energy – Restructuring, Process Re-engineering, Leadership Development and Transformation, Project Management, Project Acquisition, Development and Implementation
    • Healthcare – Process Re-engineering, Organizational Development, Executive Development, Market and Business Analysis, Dispute Management and Conflict Resolution
    • Transportation – Corporate and Process Restructuring, Organizational Effectiveness, Turnaround Management, Change Management

    • Construction – Keynotes, Interactive Workshops, Process Improvement, Business Restructuring, Stress Management
    • Printing – Executive and Leadership Development, Job Transitioning, Talent Management
    • Retail – Strategic Planning, Business Plans, Focus Groups, Business Establishment, Executive Development, Workforce Diversity

    • Government – Strategic Planning and Implementation, Process Re-engineering, Project Management, Contingency Planning, High-Performance Work Systems, Problem Solving and Strategic Decision Making, Economic Development
    • Entrepreneurship – Organizational Structuring, Human Resource Management and Optimization, Staffing, Project Management, Corporate Administration, Executive Coaching and Development, Business Transformation, Idea Formulation, Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Education – Restructuring, Facilitating Organizational Change, and Internal & External Marketing, Leadership Development; Curriculum Design and Development
    • Non-Profit – Career Development & Transitioning, Leadership Development, Turnaround Management, Personal and Professional Development



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