Our Mission

The mission of Pierre & Associates, Inc. is to assist companies in optimizing the use of ALL of their human resources:

    • Improving their productivity 
    • Expanding their competitive advantage and long-term viability 
    • Maximizing their profitability by providing systemic solutions that address the underlying causes of their challenges.

Our clients value us for not only exceeding their expectations but also for “Doing It Right the First Time.”

Our company helps dynamic, complex and driven organizations build sustainable and inclusive cultures that allow them to:

    • Attract, reward and retain the best available talent 
    • Operate profitably and effectively across cultural, geographical and functional boundaries 
    • Innovate to respond to the changing needs of an increasingly diverse, demanding and global marketplace 
    • Understand, engage, and strengthen the communities in which they operate 
    • Achieve superior and sustainable results through their people, processes and systems.



Our Vision

Pierre & Associates, Inc. is the go-to Leadership Breakthrough and Transformational Change consulting and coaching company for C-Level and senior Executives and other leaders serious about achieving what others they have considered beyond their reach.

We help companies and organizations like yours successfully overcome their challenges; operational processes become increasingly productive and profitable; take their rightful place as a significant force in their industries, and be “employers of choice.”

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