Embracing Freedom Inc. (TM) advises clients from idea generation through implementation so they make significant improvements in quality and productivity for enhanced profitability. Here are just a few of the bottom-line measurable results clients achieved after partnering with Pierre & Associates Inc.

    • Through the design and development of a Human Capital and Resource Management framework and process, allowed this Fortune 100 insurance company to effectively support its 8,000 employees in less than 90 days. The company secured three patents, won two national awards, and earned a 375% return on investment as a result of this work. (Client, Fortune 100 Insurance Company)
    • A department within a prominent healthcare company which was slated to be shut down used our “Breakthrough Results Leadership SystemTM” to produce massive productivity and profitability gains in 12 months that resulted in a staff increase from 10 to 150 employees. This company had total revenues of over $12.5 Billion in 2009. (Client, Senior Vice President of Market Services, National Healthcare Manufacturer)
    • A major financial institution exceeded its planned productivity and revenue goal by 30% through the development and implementation of our strategic planning processes. This bank has maintained its financial strength in spite of the recession. (Client, President, Major Chicago Bank)
    • A Fortune 100 Company received a 95% buy-in from its leaders and contractors of a customized Leadership Development Initiative that was developed by Pierre & Associates, Inc. (Client, Director of Enterprise Development, Major Insurance Company)
    • Within his first week, the newly appointed head of a national non-profit organization had his strategic plan, solutions, and implementation blueprint adopted by his executives, management team, and Board of Directions based upon a prior 10-day strategic planning process with Pierre & Associates, Inc. (Client, Executive Director, National Non-profit Organization in the Rehabilitation Health Field).
    • Increased annual retention of the best and brightest up to 67% for a U.S.-based Fortune 500 company.
    • Achieved a 12 point increase in employee satisfaction ratio within two (2) years via the launch of a major initiative. (Client, Director of Enterprise Development, Major Insurance Company)

Note: Due to confidentiality agreements, the actual names of companies in relation to services provided and successes achieved are not disclosed.

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