Watch Dr. Ulwyn Pierre Speaking at TEDx Westmount

Where she addresses – The Market Place Unmet Needs

Watch Dr. Ulwyn Pierre Speaking at TEDx Westmount where she addresses executives, leaders and professions on the fundamentals that provide the necessary groundwork to transform their lives and businesses so they achieve the successes they want and live an enriched and fulfilled life.

Here are some of the key needs of leaders and professionals that are not being effectively met in the market place that we meet.

They are:

  • Discouraged that they feel stuck despite their best efforts.  However, they still know that they can achieve more but  don’t know  how to change their situation.
  • Unhappy with their current success, and passionate for more success.  Thus, they are eager for the type of guidance and support to get the outstanding results they want.
  • Overwhelmed by their constantly increasing responsibilities with diminishing resources and pressured to create breakthrough results under these circumstances.
  • Eager to make a bigger difference and are no longer willing to do things that lack meaning.
  • Panicked that their company is going in the wrong direction and looking for the right guidance and course/path that will produce best and fastest sustainable results.
  • Frustrated that they do not have the depth and breadth of skills and experience needed to effectively fulfill their constantly expanding responsibilities.
  • Dissatisfied that their success is occurring at the expense of their health, family, and personal dreams and ambitions.
  • Drained from sleepless nights spent searching for ways to solve their company’s problems.
  • Upset that their ROI in Training and Development is not showing up or positively impacting their bottom line.
  • Stressed implementing perceived effective strategies but not making the profits they projected.

As reported in various studies and by leaders and professionals, the reality is that current efforts on the part of many coaches, consultants, and trainers to address the above needs have not produced the sustainable results clients desired. One of the key reasons is because these efforts predominantly deal with the symptoms of the problem and not the root cause(s) of the problem.  That is where the core of the disease originates.  The result clients get is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet hole – superficial. In fact, the bullet still has not been removed and the internal damage still has not been taken care of or addressed.

The harsh reality and truism is that when clients communicate their problems or challenges, they are most often describing the symptoms of their problem(s).  When one focuses on the symptoms, results are short-lived because the root cause still exists.  Since the cause still exists, the symptoms will raise their ugly heads again and again, each time, with more intensity and debilitating effects.

A simple example will point out the potency of this myopic approach.  Step into this person’s shoes.

Let’s assume you go to the doctor and you tell him that you have a persistent headache.  The doctor tells you “take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”  I bet for sure you will be definitely calling the doctor the next day.  What do you think? This is because the doctor is only treating the symptom and selling aspirins which only provide a temporary relief to you. Perhaps the cause of your headache is an ulcer or food poisoning, or something else. Therefore, if the core is not addressed, if the disease is not taken out or cured, the symptoms will continue to occur and even get worse.  That’s why leaders, professionals, and people in general continue to be frustrated that they are continuing to spend an increasing amount of money dealing with recurring problems (the symptom), and many times at  more serious levels.

Here you will learn more about TheUlwynMethod and its potency to produce outstanding and sustainable results for our clients in record time.  In fact, it helps them achieve results that they considered to beyond their reach.

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