Here is what some of our clients are saying:

“I can honestly say that your [strategic planning and change] process was the driving force to our bank exceeding its planned goals by 30%. I cannot thank you enough for sharing with us an invaluable process that has made a difference in our ability to grow and develop our business.”

Chicago bank

“What an awesome coach you are. When I think of the special few that have the natural ability to motivate, encourage, challenge, support, teach and inspire, I think of you. You made a difference in my career and in my life.”

Executive Management, Information Technology Administration
One of the top three Insurance Companies in the U.S.

“Your presentations cause individuals to rethink their strategies, attitudes, and demeanor. But the real test is how the audience is actually impacted. The program’s participants voted your class “the most beneficial of the 15 courses in our eight-week series.”

Director of Community Affairs
One of the Largest Chicago Construction Companies

“I have been positively impacted by some great people in my life and you are one of those people. You have patiently worked with and helped me to see the endless possibilities in my life. Many people have commented I am the reason they want to stay in our department and this company. The majority of such comments would not have been made prior to our working together. And for that I thank you.”

Corporate Environmental, Health, and Safety Director
One of the Leading Publishing Companies in Chicago

“The insights that Embracing Freedom Inc. presented and the action planning and change strategies you implemented were helpful in redirecting the department’s activities. Your specific suggestions also resulted in greater focus on essential tasks, improved results and customer responsiveness, and increased our personal efficiency.”

Director of Ethnic External Relations
National food manufacturer

“The department is on a clear straight course now. We learned skills which can help us do course corrections quickly and accurately while still respecting the individuality of our team members and internal and external customers.”

Vice President of Segment Market Services
National healthcare manufacturer

“Through your beliefs, you offer a living example to all that building relationships and forging bonds between people regardless of individual differences are important and necessary parts of life and business.”

Vice President
Chicago bank

“Embracing Freedom was absolutely perfect for our current situation. Just what we needed to turn out operation around. Thank you!”

Consumer Banking Officer
Chicago community bank

“I could feel the power you have over unleashing the destiny of businesses.”

Principal and CEO
Chicago design studio


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