Here is what some of our clients are saying:


  • “Dr Ulwyn, this is still mindboggling to me; you got to the root cause of our problems in such a short period of time. It did not matter how infected or embarrassing the core, you took the high ground and without judgment, you provided hope. You restored the dignity of our team and raised them to a higher level of effectiveness, so they saw themselves as the unique and special people they were born to be. I still do not know how you do that, but what a gift to have.”

(Arthur, President, Marketing and Promotions Company)

  • “What an awesome coach you are. When I think of the special few that have the natural ability to motivate, encourage, challenge support, teach and inspire, I think of you. You made a difference in my career and in my life.”

(Executive Management, Information Technology Administration
One of the top three Insurance Companies in the U.S)

  • “I can honestly say that your [strategic planning and change] process as the driving force to our bank exceeding its planned goals by 30%. I cannot thank you and your team enough for sharing with us an invaluable process that has made a difference in   our ability to grow and develop our business.”

(President Major Chicago Bank)

  • “Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the most powerful and dynamic coach I have ever experienced. She makes me face difficult truths without mincing words, yet with compassionate honesty.  She operates at a level of integrity, intensity, and drive that is laudable.  She always demands the best from me and all her clients, thereby motivating us to maximize our true potential.  In the process, we learn what it means to be outstanding.  There is a certainty I get from her energy field that is infectious and makes me know that I am doing the right thing.”

(Debbie, CEO, Major Communications Company)

  • “She is a leader of leaders, truly exceptional in her insights and uncompromising in her standard of excellence, who brings a sense of joy to what I am doing.  She is the kind of bell tone that clients have been listening for that we have either misplaced or have not quite yet discovered.  You will be fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Dr. Ulwyn, so seize the opportunity to be great.”  

(CEO, Established Entrepreneur, Communications Company)

  • “From the first session I had with you, I felt that I had taken my first real breath. I felt alive. I knew that my true purpose, which I held back from pursuing because of certain negative experiences I have had in my life, will no longer be put on hold. This seminar provided me with the keys to live from the inside out in every aspect of my life and that’s exactly what I am doing.”  

(Jennifer, President, Established Entrepreneur, Marketing Company)

  • “Wow! I did not expect the insights that Dr. Ulwyn could have. She really helped me see some hidden challenges that I had all my life. She got to the core and recognized that the cause of the challenges I was having in business permeated all aspects of my life. As a result of addressing the core of these challenges, I am now able to move to positive, decisive action. After years of ineffective action, I have clarity and a better attitude and perspective. I am aggressively tackling each aspect of my business with new strategies and insights I attribute directly to having attended this series.”

(Sylvester, President, Established Entrepreneur, Innovation Technology)



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