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Here we will support you in creating amazing breakthroughs.
One of the key learnings is  . . . .  

How to Begin to Build A Strong Foundation For Your Life in One Day So You Can Operate From A Place Of Choice and Accomplish All That You Desire, Personally and Professionally

Are you ready to live your best life at your maximum potential?  Are you ready to break through mindset blocks that stand in the way of you living the life you deserve?  Are you read to take your business to the next level of income and success?

If yes, you are in the right place, at the right time!

Studies show that most women want to learn how to operate from a place of choice and do the work they were meant to do in the world.  Unwittingly most embrace or feel forced to take on the stereotypical roles and responsibilities that are imposed on them – much to the sacrifice of themselves and what they want for their lives.  Many women constantly share the fact that they feel frustrated and trapped and are actually embarrassed that despite their best effort they are powerless in changing their situation.

Since wasted time cannot be recycled, we only get to live life once.  During this VIP Day you will have the opportunity to learn how to regain control of your life by getting clarity on and establishing a sturdy foundation from which you operate.  From this foundation you get to live from a place of choice, taking back control of your life and feeling fulfilled in what you do.  This does not mean that you do not fulfill key responsibilities you deem important as a human being, mother, spouse, significant other, leader, business owner, entrepreneur, or other.  What is rewarding is that you do it from a place of your choice and not from a victim mode.

Remember the “Key Change Agent Is YOU – Your Successful Leadership Is An Inside Job.”

From your completed questionnaire, your area of concern and challenge will be determined, which will be addressed in our “Complementary Discovery Session.”  This VIP Day by invitation only, 10 spots are available. It is mandatory that you complete the questionnaire.  Once selected, you will have the opportunity to spend concentrated time with me addressing your specific challenge area and what is unconsciously sabotaging you from getting what you want.   This format is an effective way to move you as well as your business forward in a powerful way.

Here are some areas of challenge that my clients have worked on and have realized outstanding success, and . . .

Is This You?


  • Discouraged that they feel stuck despite their best efforts. However, they still know that they can achieve more but don’t know how to change their situation.
  • Unhappy with their current success and passionate for more success. Thus, they are eager for the type of guidance and support to get the outstanding results they want.
  • Overwhelmed by their constantly increasing responsibilities with diminishing resources and pressured to create breakthrough results under these circumstances.
  • Eager to make a bigger difference and are no longer willing to do things that lack meaning.
  • Panicked that their company is going in the wrong direction and are looking for the right guidance and course/path that will produce the best and fastest sustainable results.
  • Frustrated that they don’t have the depth and breadth of skills and experience needed to effectively fulfill their constantly expanding responsibilities.
  • Dissatisfied that their success is occurring at the expense of their health, family, and personal dreams and ambitions.
  • Drained from sleepless nights spent searching for ways to solve their company’s problems as well as their own.
  • Stressed implementing perceived effective strategies but not making the profits they projected.

If you answered “YES” to at least two of these questions, you need to take positive action. it is important that you get clarity and do the foundational work that will occur during your VIP Day session.  In fact, if you answered “YES” to four or more, don’t waste another minute. Take action NOW!

Learn about Dr. Ulwyn – Your VIP Day Coach and

Leadership Breakthrough and Transformational Specialist

Professional and Exceptional Accomplishments

DrUlwyn_HiRes1Dr. Ulwyn is a leading internationally recognized authority on Human Capital Optimization and Transformational Change. She is a trusted advisor to global business leaders, Fortune 100-500 C-Level and senior executives, high-ranking government officials, and business owners. From North and South America to Europe to Asia, her dynamic leadership and advanced organizational skills and experience have helped clients go from crisis to success in record time – with significant increase in productivity and profitability. Her clients refer to her as their secret weapon to outstanding success! 

She is the Principal and CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., a leadership breakthrough and transformational change consulting and coaching company. For the past 22 years, her proven integrity-based systems have successfully achieved superior results for renowned companies such as PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s Corporation, and Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Passionate about serving local and international communities, Dr. Ulwyn hosted her own global radio talk show, “Leadership – Success – and You.” It proved to be one of the highest rated radio talk shows on the WebTalkRadio Network! She is a sought after featured speaker and a frequent guest expert on international forums. As an innovator she is the creator of “The Ulwyn Method™” represented in her new book, REACH!: Stretch Beyond Your Limits, out early 2014.

Education Snap Shot

Dr. Ulwyn holds a Doctorate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and an M.B.A. in Organizational Management and Marketing, both from Columbia University, New York.  She also earned a B.A. Honors in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Guelph, Canada. 

The Smartest Decision You’ll Ever Make Is To Take Action Today to Achieve The Success You Desire.


Benefits Clients Have Realized

During your VIP Day interactive session, you will have the opportunity to spend concentrated time with me to focus on a specific topic or area. We will go beyond the basics and the traditional ways of doing business work with you on practical solutions to overcome your personal and professional challenges. You get the kind of guidance and support to:

  • Establish and solidify the essential elements of your core foundation to effectively live your Life’s Vision and Purpose.
  • Develop and internalize a success mind-set and mind-depthTM, using your cognitive development and systemic approach that becomes integral to your decision making.
  • Put in place and utilize tools, skills, resources and competencies that facilitate you to achieve whatever you desire.
  • Discern and begin to remove root cause(s) of the obstacles that stand in the way of your success.
  • Establish and solidify the essential elements of your core foundation to effectively live your Life’s Vision and Purpose.
  • Become more passionate and optimistic about your life so you will be engaging in your activities in a meaningful way.
  • Experientially move from theory to step-by-step execution to the achievement of personal and professional goals you never believed you could reach.

Hear From Some of My VIP Clients

Some of my VIP clients refer to me and my team as the “missing link” and “secret weapon” that they knew they needed but never thought they would ever be able to find.  Our client are taken aback not only by the outstanding results they get but also by their level of understanding of what it really takes to get the type of sustainable outcomes they desire. 
Working with Dr. Ulwyn has elevated my work beyond anything I could have envisioned for and by myself. She is relentless in pushing me to achieve that which I say I want but have not yet committed to doing. She brilliantly intuits the sticking places, turns on the light bulb so I can see what’s been stopping me, then gets me committed to manageable action. She tunes me to a higher key.  The result is that I have moved forward on publishing writing projects, finishing manuscripts, developing product lines and making   my work visible and received in the larger world. She is world class in her power and precision, and I cannot think of a single executive or business person who could not benefit from being supported – and pushed – by her brilliance and guidance into a higher version of themselves and to the exponential success of their business. I truly could not have done it by and for myself without her help.

Communications and WriteYourBrainsOut.com Company

What an awesome coach you are. When I think of the special few that have the natural ability to motivate, encourage, challenge, support, teach and inspire, I think of you. You made a difference in my career and in my life.”

Executive Management, Information Technology Administration
One of the top three Insurance Companies in the U.S

I have been positively impacted by some great people in my life and you are one of those people. You have patiently worked   with and helped me to see the endless possibilities in my life. Many people have commented I am the reason they want to stay in our department and this company. The majority of such comments would not have been made prior to our working together. And for  that I thank you.”

Corporate Environmental, Health, and Safety Director
One of the Leading Publishing Companies in Chicago

Dr. Ulwyn has the ability to discern where you are, detect the root causes of your current situation, and determine where you want to be. They then provide insightful and effective   solutions to realize your desired goals. They are vested in the results you want to achieve and provide the guidance and support needed to obtain sustainable results.”

Sr. Vice President
Food Company


Wow! I did not expect the insights that Dr. Ulwyn could have. She really helped me see some hidden challenges that I had all of my life.  She got to the core and recognized that the causes of the channelings I was having in business permeated all aspects of my life.  As a result of addressing the core of these challenges, I am not able to move to positive, decisive action.  After years of ineffective action, I have clarity and a better attitude and perspective.  I am aggressively tackling each aspect of my business with new strategies and insights that I attribute directly to having worked with Dr. Ulwyn.”


Technology Innovation Company


Finally an intensive interactive program that helps you address what has been holding you back and how you can live a fulfilling and rewarding life.

I promised Carol Wain, Women’s Reinvention Summit,  to provide you with an opportunity to participate in a special VIP Day where you  begin to make the type of improvements you desire but  heretofore were either fearful of making  or thought they were impossible or beyond your reach.  This offer is only available to 10 visionaries.  Here is what you receive:

  • A VIP 7-hour private face-to-face or virtual day where you make YOU your number one priority by addressing and resolving a core challenge(s) that continues to sabotaging your success, both personally and professionally.

In addition to the basic VIP program, you will at no additional cost three bonuses.

  • Bonus – One 60 minute pre-scheduled coaching call sessions within 30 days of your VIP Day session to address additional issues and answer any questions you may have.
  • Bonus – One emergency call within 30 days of your VIP session to address any eventualities that may occur that threaten to derail your progress.  These are not pre-scheduled sessions.
  • Bonus – A fill-in- the-blank Customized Accountability Action Checklist so you can monitor your progress and hold yourself accountable for delivering the results you want.

If you are serious about operating from a place of choice and making massive improvements in your life within a short period of time,

  • Seize the opportunity now, enroll and be one of the 10 chosen few.  Contact me at  DrUlwyn@TheUlwynMethod.com.  Put in the subject line “I want to live from a place of choice.”
  • It is mandatory that a questionnaire be completed which will give us a sense of the gravity of your challenges and where emphasis should be placed.
  • After your completed questionnaire has been reviewed, a Complementary Discover Session  will be conducted with you via skype or by phone,  to determine if this is the best course of action for you.
  • If you have any additional questions or need any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at the same address DrUlwyn@TheUlwynMethod.com . Put in the Subject line “Questionnaire.”

This is your opportunity to . . .

Reward Yourself. Invest In You and Your Company!
Make Quality Time For The Things In Life
That Ignite Your Passion.

Are you teachable and coachable?  We invite you to come with an open heart, mind, body and soul and be ready to have an amazing learning and practical experience. This is the beginning of your journey.

I am delighted to welcome you!


Dr. Ulwyn Pierre
The Leadership Success Doctor
CEO, Pierre & Associates, Inc.
Author of the forthcoming book “Reach: Stretch Beyond Your Limits”
Talk Show Host of “Leadership – Success – and You”


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